Conference Program

Text Analytics For Fun And Profit

Now in its 7th year, Text Analytics Forum, is the only conference covering all aspects of text analytics: text mining, data extraction, machine learning and the latest AI chatbots, sentiment analysis, auto-categorization, and more. Text analytics utilizes and applies taxonomies and other knowledge schema, adds intelligence to AI, makes enterprise search smarter, and enriches KM. The Forum also covers the entire range of applications that can be built with text analytics.

Text Analytics Forum is a place for sharing ideas and experiences in text analytics from beginner to advanced developers. We cover all aspects and approaches to text analytics including machine learning and AI, semantic categorization rules, build your own to advanced development-testing software, and human-machine hybrid applications.

Programming includes practical how-to’s, fascinating use cases that showcase the power of text analytics, new techniques and technologies, and new theoretical ideas that drive text analytics to the next level.

Check back in mid-July for full program details!

Featuring These Co-Located Events
  • KMWorld
  • Enterprise Search & Discovery
  • Taxonomy Boot Camp
  • Enterprise AI World