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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Keynote - Wow, Woo, Win: KM for Customer Delight
Keynote - Relevance Maturity Model: Revolutionizing With AI-Powered Search
Keynote - Energizing Communities of Practice
Welcome & Introduction to the Text Analytics Forum
Tom Reamy - 1045_Reamy.ppt
A Deep Text Look at Text Analytics
Text Analytics Market Insights: What’s Working & What’s Next?
Seth Grimes - 1145_Grimes.ppt
AI & Text Analytics
Catherine Havasi - 1330_Havasi.pptx
Joseph Busch - 1330_Busch.pdf
Cognitive Computing & Graph Databases
Jeff Fried - 1430_Fried.pdf
Ask the Experts Panel
Case Studies
Search & Text Analytics
Pengchu Zhang - 1430_Zhang.pptx
Patrick Lambe - 1430_Lambe.pdf
Ask the Experts Panel

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Keynote - KM Buy-In: Proven Practices
Keynote - Beyond the Box: How Search is Driving Data Access in a Hybrid World
Machine Learning, Taxonomy, Search
Dan Segal - 1015_Segal.pdf
Ahren Lehnert - 1015_Lehnert.pdf
Machine Learning VS. Rules
Jeff Fried - 1115_Fried.pptx
Tom Sabo - 1115_Sabo.pptx
Fake News & Bad Ad Placement
Case Studies II—Banks & Publishing
Collaguazo & Strand - 1115_Collaguazo.pdf
Michael Upshall - 1115_Upshall.pdf
Luncheon Keynote - Cognitive Search & Analytics: What It Is & Why You Should Care
Auto-Categorization & Summarization
Dmitri Soubbotin - 1300_Soubbotin.pptx
Text & Data Together
Measuring The Results
Larry Lempert - 1500_Lempert.pptx
Bill Dimm - 1500_Dimm(1).ppt
Text Analytics & Taxonomy
Gary Carlson - 1300_Carlson.pdf
New Applications
Bryan Bell - 1400_Bell.pdf
Fiona McNeil - 1400_McNeil.pptx
Application Issues
Christopher Biow - 1500_Biow.pdf
Keynote - Creating Unified Views of Data With Semantic Graphs
Closing Keynote - KM in the Age of Digital Transformation: Magic Sauce for a Successful Future

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