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Text Analytics Forum 2018 | NOV 7-8, 2018
Text Analytics Conference 2017

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Text Analytics is a platform technology that adds depth and intelligence to any organization’s ability to utilize that most under-utilized resource – text. For many years the exponential growth of information has been experienced as a problem – information overload. However, with a new generation of text analytics tools and techniques, massive amounts of information are becoming part of the solution for an incredibly wide range of applications, from search that works to social media-fueled insights about customers and competitors to new flexible approaches to KM, new solutions to fake news, and more.

The inaugural theme for Text Analytics Forum, Go Deeper, invites all who deal with text to take a deep dive into this powerful set of techniques. The Forum has something for all: whether you are new to the field and want to understand how it can add new capabilities or you are an experienced text analyst and want to see what the latest techniques and tools can add to your repertoire.

The Text Analytics Forum is designed to be a place for sharing ideas from how to get started to how to make the business case to the latest development best practices to use cases showcasing the cutting edge of myriad applications. We will have workshops, roundtables, and an Ask the Expert panel where you can ask four leading experts anything you want.

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Text Analytics Forum 

Text Analytics has the ability to add depth, meaning, and intelligence to any organization’s most under-utilized resource – text. Through text analytics, enterprises can unlock a wealth of information that would not otherwise be available. Join us as we explore the power of text analytics to provide relevant, valuable, and actionable data for enterprises of all kinds.

Text Analytics Forum is designed for Text Analysts, Content Managers, Data Analysts and Scientists, Knowledge Managers, CIOs and CKOs, Information and Knowledge Architects, Taxonomists and Ontologists, Business and Competitive Intelligence Pros, and anyone involved in organizing information or extracting valuable data from text. 

Co-located Events at Text Analytics Forum

Text Analytics Forum 2017 is a part of a unique program of five co-located conferences this November. Please take an opportunity to explore these events and their content below, then choose a Platinum Pass to gain full access to these distinct, but synergistic, conferences.

Taxonomy Boot Camp 

Taxonomies are all about creating structures that bring data and information to life. Taxonomy Boot Camp is the only conference dedicated to taxonomy building and management. Join us as we explore the successes, challenges, and methods of putting taxonomies to work for your organization.

Taxonomy Boot Camp is designed for Taxonomists and Ontologists, Information Architects, Content Managers, Knowledge Engineers, Intranet Professionals, Content Classification Specialists, Information Professionals, Information Scientists, and anyone responsible for classifying, organizing, or managing content. 


People and knowledge are the keys to high functioning organizations. Today, innovations in collaboration, cognitive computing, AI and other technologies are enabling incredible strides in knowledge sharing, decision making, and customer experience in all types of enterprises. Join us as we explore and share how successful knowledge management can transform any organization.

KMWorld is designed for CIOs & CKOs, IT managers, Knowledge Managers, Information Managers and Professionals, Executive Management, Intranet Managers, Information Architects, Content Managers, Customer Experience Professionals, Scientists & Engineers, Educators & Researchers, and anyone who wants to run an innovative, knowledge-driven enterprise. 

SharePoint Symposium 

This year finds SharePoint undergoing major changes, with the arrival of SharePoint 2016 on-premise and Microsoft’s rapid innovation on the Office 365 platform. Whether you've committed to on-premise, cloud, or hybrid, the choices facing you as an enterprise business or IT leader have never been more critical. Join us as we help you evaluate where, when, and how to use SharePoint in your organization.

SharePoint Symposium is designed for anyone revisiting or updating their enterprise SharePoint strategy who wants unbiased information on the platform. 

Enterprise Search & Discovery 

Within the enterprise, good decision-making is driven by data. But to find the right information in today’s data-rich organizations, effective and efficient search and discovery is an absolute necessity. Join us as we explore how to provide transformative enterprise search and information discovery across your organization.

Enterprise Search & Discovery is designed for Search Managers, line-of-business departmental managers, IT managers, Information & Knowledge Architects, Compliance and Legal Officers, and anyone responsible for organizing, managing, and retrieving internal and/or external information. 

Who Should Attend Text Analytics Forum

 Basically anyone who deals with text – it’s everywhere! Specifically:

  • Text Analysts
  • Data Analysts, DBAs
  • Content Analysts
  • Content Managers
  • Information and Knowledge Architects
  • Information Professionals
  • Search Managers, Designers
  • Knowledge Organizers
  • Taxonomists & Ontologists
  • Librarians
  • Intranet & Portal Managers
  • SharePoint Developers and Managers
  • CIOs & CKOs
  • Social Media Analysts
  • BI and CI directors
  • Web analysts
  • Marketing managers who want to add social media
  • AI developers with an interest in cognitive computing and related techniques
  • Managers and investors who need to leverage text
  • Consultants in KM, search, taxonomy and ontology, marketing
  • Anyone who is involved in organizing information 

Why You Should Attend Text Analytics Forum

The speakers and sessions at Text Analytics Forum will address:

  • Text analytics techniques of all kinds
  • Auto-categorization & auto-metadata generation
  • Text mining
  • Entity/noun phrase extraction
  • Sentiment and social analysis
  • Deep learning & machine learning
  • Graph databases  

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