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Text Analytics Forum 2022 Presentations

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Keynote: Management Meets Information Science Meets Data Science
Lambe, Roth, Zadonsky & Clarke - 0830_Lambe.pptx
Keynote: Unlocking Value From Unstructured Language Data To Scale AI & Automation
Keynote: Intelligent Content: Taxonomy, Findability & Delivery
Keynote: The Knowledge Hub: Transform Contact Center Agents To Super-Agents
Keynote & Welcome to Text Analytics Forum
Tom Reamy - 1045_Reamy(1).ppt
Dorian Selz - 1045_Selz.pdf
David Seuss - 1045_Seuss.pdf
Machine-Learning Model-Building for NLP: What Can & Can’t Be Automated?
Paul Barba - 1145_Barba.pdf
Skip DIY Text Analytics & Taxonomies: Marry ML & Symbolic
Ramona Aubry - 1330_Aubry.pdf
Auto-Categorization Techniques for Superior Accuracy
Tom Reamy - 1430_Reamy.ppt
Examining Social Media Authorship Using Multi-Vector Sentiment Analysis
Williams & Roberts - 1145_Williams.pptx
The Ins & Outs of Human Experience Sentiment & Speech Analysis
Alison Bushell - Video
Alison Bushell - 1330_Bushell.pdf
How Text Analytics Are Driving the Innovation in Experience Improvement in an Omnichannel World
Jeff Catlin - 1430_Catlin.pptx
Ask the Experts Panel

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Keynote: Artificial Intelligence Quotient: Tools For Building
Keynote: Create A Knowledge Sharing Culture With Viva Topics
Keynote: ‘Just Make It Work Like Google’
Keynote: Designing An Exceptional Search Experience: Start With The End In Mind
Augmenting Translation & Search in eDiscovery With Semantic Phrase Detection
Reyes & Boro - 1015_Reyes.pptx
Jason E. Boro - 1015_Boro.pptx
From Document Search to Document Understanding
Using User Intent for Smart Applications
Andy Traba - 1015_Traba.pdf
Text Analytics as a Crime-Fighting Tool
Sabo & Swilley - 1115_Sabo.pdf
Keynote Luncheon: Knowledge Graphs Improve Enterprise Search
KMWorld Awards
Identifying Security Risks Using Auto-Tagging & Text Analytics
Duane & Hilger - 1300_Duane.pdf
Tricky Techniques
Joseph A. Busch - 1400_Busch.pdf
Mark Gross - 1400_Gross.pptx
Graph-Based Text Mining at the Core of Knowledge Hubs & Semantic Data Fabrics: Two Case Studies
Andreas Blumauer - 1500_Blumauer.pdf
Keynote: Knowledge Automation: The Foundation of AI and the Future of Work
Closing Keynote: Lessons Learned At KMWorld
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