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Jason E. Boro

Strategic Partnership Development Manager
Linguistic Systems, Inc.

Picture of Jason E. BoroAs Strategic Partnership Development Manager at Linguistic Systems, Inc., headquartered in Boston, MA, Mr. Boro manages research and development of new products. Mr. Boro possesses over 15 years of eDiscovery experience. Prior to LSI, Mr. Boro spent 4 years with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Massachusetts. He has also practiced law in Massachusetts; in the Federal District Court for Massachusetts; and in Washington, DC. Mr. Boro holds a graduate degree in Linguistics, from the University of Connecticut. He also completed a course of study and conducted research elaborating psychological models for parsing sentence grammar while supplying a theoretical account of the maturation of innate syntax. 



Evidence for the Optional Infinitive Stage in Russian (1996) In A. Halbert and K. Matsuoka (eds.) Papers in Honor of Stephen Crain: Language Acquisition and Processing. University of Connecticut Working Papers in Linguistics 6:1-11, MIT Press | Snyder W, Bar-Shalom E, Boro J

Psychological Predictors of Subsequent Medical Care among Patients Hospitalized with Cardiac Disease (Sept. 1993) Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, 16(2): 109-116 Levine J, Covino N, Slack W, Safran C, Safran D, Boro J, Buchanan G, Gervino E

Trends in Computer Applications in Medical Care (May 1994) MD Computing 11(3): 155-9 Safran C, Gladstone S, Lo E, Boro J E, Slack W V



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