Christian Fluhr

Scientific Director

Christian Fluhr is the Scientific Director of GEOLSemantics. He held the position of Research Director at the CEA (French Atomic Energy agency), and he took part at one of the first tagger based on a learning procedure published in ICL (colling) 73. He has created one of the first search engine using morphosyntactic natural language processing both on documents and queries under the name SPIRIT which has been sold and advertised since 1981. Christian took the head of the first European project on crosslingual interrogation (EMIR projectESPRIT 5312), an extension of SPIRIT between 1990 and 1994. He had created a laboratory on extraction of multilingual and multimedia knowledge inside the CEA, which participated in various European and French-funded projects since 2001. He has participated at the creation of the current company, GEOLSemantics, in 2011 in the purpose of using language engineering for Homeland Security. Under his responsibilities, various projects have been conducted such as SAIMSI which is an interlingual adaptive and multi-sources platform to monitor information about people suspected of illegal activities; ORELO to determine the dialectal origin of Arabic writers and speakers in 2013; DRIRS about the detection of networks of influence in social networks to detect impact of messages on people who may be influenced. He has also initiated the diversification of the activities of the company in the civil market through this SafeCity project to generate alerts about geo and chronolocated events.

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