Conference Program

Now in our fifth year, Text Analytics Forum is a place for sharing ideas and experiences in text analytics from beginner to advanced developers. We cover all aspects and approaches to text analytics including machine learning and AI, semantic categorization rules, build your own to advanced development-testing platforms, and human-machine hybrid applications.

The last few years have seen some fantastic advances in AI in both theory and practice. However, the vast majority of those advances have been in data and pattern-based AI not in text. Even the much-hyped GPT-3 from Open AI largely treats text as sets of complex patterns without any real understanding of the meaning of the words in it’s truly gigantic “training set”. Three-year-old children continue to outperform the best AI programs in learning language at the meaning level – learning new words from a single exposure rather than billions of examples.

Text analytics to the rescue! AI is only as smart as the content on which it is trained and text analytics is the best tool to create smarter training sets. It is also the best tool to create smart and useful applications of all kinds—search, customer and business intelligence, sentiment and social media analysis, and new applications no one has thought of—yet.

Text Analytics Forum 2021 will showcase how enterprises are using text analytics and AI (or other techniques) to create really useful applications, enhance taxonomies and ontologies, and make existing applications smarter. 

Programming includes practical how-to’s, fascinating use cases that showcase the power of text analytics, new techniques and technologies, and new theoretical ideas that drive text analytics to the next level.

Check back in mid-July for full program details!

Co-Located With
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  • Enterprise Search & Discovery 2021
  • Taxonomy Boot-camp