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Text Analytics Forum 2019 Presentations

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Optional Workshop/Conference Day

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Optional Conference Day

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Keynote - Future Trends: Insights for Knowledge Sharing in 2020+
Jody Turner - 0830_Turner.ppt
Keynote - Pure to Pragmatic: From AI Hype to Delivering Actual ROI
Keynote - Demands for Data: Governance, Risk, Compliance, Analytics & Value
Keynote - Knowledge Management in the Age of AI
Welcome & Keynote - A Deep Text Look at Text Analytics
Knowledge Graphs—Deep Dive
Dan Segal - 1145_Segal.pdf
Knowledge Graphs—Deep Dive
AI & Analytics
Ask the Experts Panel
Tools & Trends
Seth Grimes - 1145_Grimes.ppt
Teodorescu & Bacuez - 1145_Teodorescu.pdf
Inside & Outside the Enterprise
Ahren E Lehnert - 1330_Lehnert.pptx
Chris Bendall - 1330_Bendall.pptx
The Business Dimension
Luca Scagliarini - 1430_Scagliarini.pptx
Ask the Experts Panel

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Keynote - Knowledge-Sharing Culture to Support Organizational Success
Gretchen Anderson - 0830_Anderson.pptx
Keynote - Bringing a Consumer-Like Experience to the Digital Workplace
Keynote - Top 5 Lessons Learned in Enriching Enterprise Search
Text Analytics in Government
Building Training Sets
Sundaresh Sankaran - 1115_Sankaran.pdf
Bourlai & Ananyan - 1115_Bourlai(1).pptx
Tom Sabo - 1015_Sabo.pptx
Special Vocabularies—Music & Biomedical
Morris & Stevens - 1115_Morris.pdf
Morris & Stevens - 1115_Morris.pdf
Keynote Luncheon - The 3 Pillars of AI & Their Impact on KM
KMWorld & Intranet Awards
Auto-Categorization: People & Structure
Joseph A. Busch - 1300_Busch.pptx
Tom Reamy - 1300_Reamy.ppt
Machine Learning & Rules—Either/Or/And
Christopher Pearson - 1400_Pearson(1).pptx
Knowledge Graphs: A Foundation for Search & Beyond
Finally Getting Better?
Bill Dimm - 1300_Dimm.ppt
Text Analytics for Ecommerce
Feng Ye - 1400_Ye.pptx
Knowledge Graphs: A Foundation for Search & Beyond
Marino, Hernandez & Hilger - 1500_Marino(2).pptx
Joseph Hilger - 1500_Hilger.pptx
Keynote - Knowledge Sharing in a New Tech Future
Closing Keynote Panel - 2020 & Beyond: Creating Resilience in Organizations & Society

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