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Lisa Austin

Product Owner, Knowledge Management
Information Services, End User Services
Toyota Motors North America
The KM Coach

With over 20 years of KM experience working within Fortune 500 companies, Lisa Austin has experienced the highs and the lows of Knowledgement Management.  Starting with Employee Development using the 5th Discipline principles of Organizational learning to virtual communities of practice, to managing and implementing knowledge bases through the use of SharePoint (from SP2001 to SharePoint Online).  She found that there was only one thing that had an impact on the end user's adoption of knowledge sharing behaviors and norms:  When the individual (whether employee or leader) has that "Aha" moment, experiencing first hand, the impact of NOT sharing their knowledge on the success of the organization.  That is why she developed the game "The Journey to the Gold of Atlantis".  It has been used at Universities and Fortune 500 companies such as University of Tulsa, FMCTechnip, Bush Brothers, Williams Company, Dallas/Fort Worth KM Community, the Knowledge Leaders Forum and Toyota Motors North America.  Lisa currently is the Chief Product Owner for Toyota's Intranet, KM Portal and SharePoint Online.

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