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Holly C. Baxter

Chief Scientist & CEO
Strategic Knowledge Solutions
Cognitive Performance Group

Picture of Holly C. BaxterHolly C. Baxter, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of Strategic Knowledge Solutions and Cognitive Performance Group, has spent more than a 25 years specializing in Instructional Design, Evaluation Metrics, Organizational Development, and Training in both military and commercial environments. Her experience includes developing effective vignette-based training for enhancing situational awareness, designing embedded training solutions for damage control personnel, developing evaluation metrics for simulation-based training, identifying cognitive training requirements using expertise in Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA), and using knowledge management tools to capture tacit knowledge in the field and turn it into effective just-in-time vignette-based training. Dr. Baxter has published many articles on cognitively-based training solutions, has been a speaker at multiple conferences and events, and has given many workshops on CTA, Vignette Development, Intuitive Decision-Making, Knowledge Assessment, and Leadership Development. Dr. Baxter earned a Ph.D. from Indiana University in Organizational Communication and Management with a focus on Instructional Design.

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