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Bringing It All Together: Integrative Solutions

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Deadline extended to May 11 

Text Analytics Forum, is seeking knowledgeable and creative people with exciting new approaches to share their ideas on all things textual, for its second annual event. 

The history of ideas is sprinkled with countless dichotomies – Platonic Forms vs. Aristotelian Empiricism, Reason vs. Emotion, Left Brain vs Right Brain – and in the field of text analytics we have data vs. text, machine learning vs. rules, symbolic AI vs. data-driven AI, and AI vs. human intelligence.  The latter set not quite as fundamental as the historical dichotomies, but both are just as limiting. 

Modern and sophisticated solutions require an “and”, not a “vs.  As the field of text analytics continues to grow and deepen, new integrative approaches are becoming more important especially for a platform technology that adds depth and intelligence to any organization’s ability to utilize text.

Also, as the amount and variety of text continues its ever-increasing growth, these integrative solutions are helping to create practical applications such as smarter search, social media powered insights into customers and competitors, richer KM initiatives, more dynamic and productive taxonomies, better solutions to fake news, and smarter chat bots.

The Text Analytics Forum is designed to be a place for sharing ideas about their experiences in text analytics including how to get started – creating a foundation and making the business case, tips and techniques for developing text analytics capabilities – like text mining and clustering, entity and fact extraction and auto-categorization and sentiment analysis and showcasing their latest applications.

Speaking Topics

Text Analytics Forum is seeking speakers who inform and excite attendees with practical how-to’s, fascinating use cases that showcase the power of text analytics, new techniques and technologies, and new theoretical ideas that will guide us into the future. These techniques include auto-categorization, text mining, entity & fact extraction, sentiment analysis, machine learning, and more. See the topics below and submit your proposal no later than May 11.

Speaking topics this year will include but not limited to:

  • Machine Learning and Rules-based Approaches: Either/Or
  • New Approaches in Text Analytics – Ensemble Models and More
  • Faceted Metadata Generation
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Deep Learning
  • Graph databases
  • Text Analytics ROI: Making the Business Case
  • How to Get Started in Text Analytics
  • Enterprise Social Networks
  • Text Analytics and Big Data
  • Big Social Data’s Impact on Business
  • Advanced Twitter Applications: Stock Market to Politics
  • Beyond Sentiment Analysis – Understanding Customer’s Behavior
  • Voice of the Customer, Employee, Voter
  • Text Analytics and Fake News
  • Getting Outside Your Bubble with Text Analytics
  • Breaking Down Silos with Text Analytics
  • Fraud Detection
  • Text Analytics and Enterprise Search
  • Leveraging Text Analytics for Faceted Search
  • New Techniques in Semantic Search
  • Text Analytics and Cognitive Computing
  • Social Media Mining for Customer Insight and Competitive Intelligence
  • Building a Corporate Taxonomy with Text Mining and Text Analytics Tools
  • Text Analytics and Ontology Development – Fact Extraction and Text Mining
  • Text Analytics Enhancing Taxonomies
  • Text Analytics and Semantic Technology
  • Text Analytics and KM – from Expertise Location to Community Support
  • Advanced Knowledgebases – Beyond Personalization
  • E-Discovery Case Studies
  • Multiple Language Text Analytics
  • New Models of Knowledge Organization
  • Smarter Chat Bots
  • Open Source Text Analytics
  • Integrating Dynamic Clustering and Taxonomies
  • Fact Extraction and Smart Summaries
  • Survey Analysis
  • Selecting the Right Text Analytics Tools
  • Enterprise Text Analytics – Text in Every Department
  • Semi-supervised Learning for Multiple Applications
  • Text Analytics Analysis of Political Content- Past and for 2018

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